Writing is part of a self-discovery journey. It is also part of my own world out-looking process. Feel welcome.
I write about aspects that affect my daily life or topics that I'm worried about or simply because I want to divagate. I've written a lot in life, since I was 4 years old. I'm still collecting the old pages, ideas, poems, essays, opinions and rants I wrote about back in the days and that I'm still writing (in a old fashion way - pen and paper).
Also poetry and prose, both in English and Portuguese.

What I think

Below you will find a series of words written under a certain topic. It goes with the flow and the moment:

Dec'2021 - Between the solstice and the perihelion

Dec'2021 - Touchless

Dec'2021 - Tell me dog

Nov'2021 - Easy on the Word

Jan'2016 - Negativity bias

Sep'2015 - On social media (or, why we should disconnect to connect)

Aug'2015 - Golden rules (or, why we need some sure ground and definition)

Jan'2014 - Bridges

Aug'2013 - O telefone

Aug'2013 - Is it you?

Nov'2013 - On motivation

Sep'2013 - Porto's streets - Balloon

May'2013 - Distância

May'2013 - Sangue frio

Apr'2013 - Delusions of Grandure

Apr'2013 - Reducionismo

Apr'2013 - Jogadores de Xadrez

Apr'2013 - Symmetry Breaking

Mar'2013 - Morta-Viva

Feb'2013 - Um olhar para fora (ou, sobre fotografia)

Jan'2013 - Perihelion

Dec'2012 - Why even bother leaving the house?

Dec'2012 - Jardim de Inverno

Nov'2012 - Strangers in the night

Oct'2012 - Such fragile strength

Sep'2012 - O que te faz amar uma cidade?

Sep'2012 - Why stay, when we can fly away?