On motivation

Porto, November 2013
Where does it all come from? Motivation, I mean. Is there a real intrinsic motivation to do something? Is there a motivation to do something just because you are counting on the result alone to please you or give some kind of reward? Maybe yes... Although lately I haven't been able to motivate myself for me alone. There is always some excuse, something that comes along and changes the plan, the idea, the time. It's a hassle.

What's there behind the mystic land of motivation? Love maybe? For the Love of others alone I'd do anything but for self-Love I don't think I am able to go as far as I can go for others. Shouldn't it be the opposite? Or is it fine the way it is? For me and on this stage, I quit easily. For others I go and learn more just to make them happier. Does that mean that I don't care for me? Probably it's not that, probably is just a wrong idea that needs to be turn right.

The motivation to write a book or compose or create - it should be coming from the inside. The need to express one's ideas and thinking and nature it's one of the basic human needs to express onesel - to open our mind to others. Why does it live on the land of "un-definition" instead of the land of "now"?

Hard to achieve results are sweeter in the end and bitter in the beginning? Maybe... but it's for sure stopping many from trying.

But I can't, and I can't change that as well... I'm destined to be myself forever and, maybe - just maybe - I don't want to change... I want to Love myself enough so I'd do anything for me.