On social media (or why we should disconnect to connect)

Luxembourg, September 2015
Like most people, I use some Social Media websites. I think they are great!! But only for some reasons. They make communication very easily, true. They enable catching up with old friends and distant family member very easily, true. They are a great way for noble ideas to spread and positive movements to start and spread, true. They are a great way for people to create fake images about themselves, to perceive others wrongly, to close personal connections, to lose their humanity, ahm... yeah, ugly.
Is it really that important the amount of likes a person gets on a selfie? Or, is it really important to tell your friends that your partner is a-hole/b-tch? Or, is it really important to have 3000+ friends and 1000+ followers just because of pictures with too much skin?
Social media websites enable shallow attitudes and behaviours to spread like epidemics. These websites are powerful conditioners of behaviour. And, on top of all, they are fortune generators.
These websites are a mean, not an end in themselves. They should be used to make connections, and flow with those connections into real life. What happened to face-to-face conversation, or going into a bar and saying hello to the closest stranger? How about going into a restaurant and not connecting to the internet, and connect with the people around you? Well, this last idea may sound "creepy" or "sad" in the mind of some.

Not all is bad, I believe Social Media can be very powerful: to call attention to problems, to promote action and help solve many other problems. However, life doesn't happen on the mobile screen while checking Facebook updates or posting a selfie - life happens when you start looking away from that little screen. And it's truly wonderful to connect strongly with somebody.