Travelling is not just about seeing another city, eating at a new restaurant or swimming in a new beach.
Travelling is a self-discovery process. By talking to strangers in a new place, by facing new challenges in foreign lands where people don't know you, by wanting to go just a little further down the road just guided by your curiosity, you will grow.

And that growth will turn into a passion, or even lust - some sort of "wanderlust". You will sleep on the wilderness, and you won't mind. You won't take a shower everyday, and you won't mind. You will get lost, and you won't mind. You will return home one day - maybe sad, maybe happy to be back, or maybe to just leave again - or you will build your home somewhere else along the way.

Life memories

Here I will share with you the best moments while travelling. It's under progress - with over 45 countries visited, give me some time to refresh my brain and write the best ones here.
I will write about the most impactful and life-changing trips I made.

Jan'2017 - How it all started - The discovery